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KMS Add Power Shampoo

KMS Add Power Shampoo is a lightweight shampoo that prepares fine hair for the rigors of styling. The formula is enriched with rice protein, to strengthen hair from within and improve resilience for more versatile styling.  Contains organic white tea extract, an anti-oxidant, which also improves hair strength and shine. fine weak hair feel stronger and more resilient. Hair feels clean, strengthened and healthy. 

HOW TO USE: Wet hair. Apply to scalp and massage. Rinse. Follow with rinse out or leave in conditioner. Pairs well with Moist Repair Leave In Conditioner or Add Power Strengthening Fluid

HOT TIP > To avoid breakage on fine hair do not pile hair on top of your head!!  Instead apply shampoo to scalp and slide your fingers under your hair and massage the scalp only. Allow shampoo to run down the ends to clean the hair.